AVI LazyYoga

AVI Lazy Yoga is the 5th vertical of Agri Vaidic Integration in developing a healthy lifestyle. We believe in building a nation where people’s ability to Yoga for wellness is practical and becomes part of daily life irrespective how busy it gets. Practicing yoga for the stipulated requisite time would contribute towards a healthier future for all of us and we want to make it part of our basic daily routine. The Lazy Yoga plans are spiritually curated eleven verses of Vaidic Yoga an extract to our culture, vaidic science and stick to our basics. Such plans are curated to enable everyone with the available time and still be able to save the time for good health and lifestyle here to stay for all your life and we strongly believe in that.

Highly educated and is role model for the Youth.

Continues to inspire to lead a healthy lifestyle

A yoga health and a wellness coach