Welcome BeginnersπŸ‘‹

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Congratulations for taking the decision to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

If you are feeling intimidating, having no clue on where and how to start, then you are at the right place.

Our YOGA FOR BEGINNERS guide is created and curated especially for you.

This guide will provide you with all the tips, tricks, and guidelines, with proper recommendations to start a successful Yoga practice journey.

Continue reading this page, and make your first step to a healthy and successful yoga practice journey.

What Is Yoga

Yoga is a vast collection of spiritual techniques and practices aimed at integrating mind, body, and spirit to achieve a state of enlightenment or oneness with the universe. What is normally thought of as β€œyoga” in the West is really Hatha Yoga, one of the many paths of yoga.

The different paths of yoga emphasize different approaches and techniques but ultimately lead to the same goal of unification and enlightenment.

Hatha Yoga attains the union of mind-body-spirit through a practice of asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (yoga breathing), mudra (body gestures), and shatkarma (internal cleansing). These physical practices are used to purify the body and cultivate prana (life-force energy).

Modern Hatha Yoga does not emphasize many of these esoteric practices and instead focuses more on the physical yoga postures.

Regardless of what your goals or intentions are for starting, just the yoga poses themselves is a fantastic form of mental and physical exercise.

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The Benefits of Practicing Yoga

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The practice of Yoga helps to build healthy virtues and good values, such as discipline, honesty, devotion, self-inquiry mindfulness, and non-attachment. Yoga empowers you to make conscious choices toward living a more healthy and fulfilling life.